Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goeden Morgen Amsterdam! Ik ben student.

(Bicycle Mark and our group)

Seeing as we just arrived in Amsterdam yesterday, there haven't been any New Media related events yet. So, I'll relate some of the "things I did today." This morning we had an orientation with our IES contacts, and our classroom is in a building that is actually a part of the Social Sciences and Humaninties building of the University of Amsterdam. It's kind of a long trek to get there, but Mark, our IES coordinator came to "pick us up" and show us the way. I'm hoping that after we make the trip there several times, it won't seem as bad. Not that it's bad now because Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. Even with the cloudy and chilly weather this morning, we were still in awe of the city and its numerous canals, bridges, and bicyclers. The bikes are definitly something to watch for though; I feel as if they are more dangerous than cars because the drivers here actually slow down when they approach you in the street. The bikes, like the cars in London, simply drive through where you're standing. Another possible traffic hasard to watch for are the trams. We took one to Central Station this morning, and though they swerve quite a bit, they are nice because you get to be above ground and actually see the city as you travel. It's a nice change from being in the dark underground.

Tonight we went to the Muziektheater to see the National Ballet's production of Carmen. Before the ballet, though, members of the company performed 2 differernt modern/ballet pieces that were quite beautiful. Also beautiful is the way in which Amsterdam's canals and bridges are lit at night, with what look like large Christmas bulbs. (I have been in a Christmas-y mood since September, and couldn't help thinking how quaint it must be here during that time of year.) Tomorrow we have a lecture on the Dutch culture/character, so that should be interesting...


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che bella città Amsterdam!

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